Autism Specialist

When to visit Developmental Pediatrician

In most cases, pediatricians are the ones conducting autism screening, but when the red flags are inconsistent or confusing, Autism Specialist takes over. Doctors respect their boundaries in the line of duty; therefore, a severe case requires a professional's intervention. Autism Specialists know what to look for in a child showing signs of autism. Through their experience with autistic kids, they conduct a professional evaluation with proper results.

However, Autism Specialist might realize that your child does not have autism based on signs of developmental delays. Therefore whom will you approach? When the kid is having behavioral problems and developmental delays, the most advisable person to contact or refer to by doctors is a Developmental Pediatrician.

A developmental pediatrician is a physician specializing in treating kids with behavioral problems, learning difficulties, and developmental delays. They are professional pediatricians, but to add to their expertise is three-year training in behavioral, developmental challenges in kids.

Most parents think their kids have ADHD until Developmental Pediatrician proves them wrong. Some of the most common mental complications diagnosed by the Developmental Pediatrician include dyslexia, autism, anxiety, and delayed development in speech and learning.
While conducting evaluation, developmental pediatrician considers some information about the kid:


  • The teacher's observation of the kid's behavior in school

  • The behavioral pattern of the kid at home

  • Observe the kid while talking to him or her

  • Accounts for a history of your child's behavioral changes

You can avoid moving from one doctor to another at a later age when the child's condition is severe, starting early child intervention evaluation when you notice the signs. Developmental delay challenges can be improved if seen earlier; therefore, do not waste time and consult your doctor or a specialist.